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Standard Consulting Services Agreement

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3.2 Refund. The Company undertakes to reimburse the Advisor for all actually reasonable and necessary expenses that are directly related to the consulting services. These expenses include, but are not limited to, travel-related expenses (i.e. fares, hotel, temporary accommodation, meals, parking spaces, taxis, mileage, etc.), telephone calls and postal expenses. The costs incurred by the consultant are reimbursed by the company within fifteen days of the consultant`s duly written request for reimbursement. 1.5 External Services. The advisor may not use the service of another person, organization or organization in the performance of consulting tasks without the prior written consent of an executive of the company. If the entity agrees to the consultant`s use of the services of another person, organization or organization, no information about the services to be provided under this Agreement will be disclosed to that person, organization or organization until the person, organization or organization has entered into an agreement to protect the confidentiality of the company`s confidential information (as defined in Article 5) and from the point of view e absolute and complete ownership of the company over all rights. Title and interest in the work done under this Agreement. 5.3 Each party agrees not to use or disclose to third parties confidential information of the other party without the explicit written consent of the other party. Each Party undertakes to protect the other Party`s Confidential Information from any use or disclosure other than as permitted by or in accordance with this Agreement and exercises a certain degree of diligence at least as protective as the xxxxx or the name of the company, in order to ensure the confidentiality of its own protected information.

but nothing less than a degree of due diligence in the circumstances. Each Party shall allow access to the other Party`s confidential information only to persons who have entered into a written confidentiality agreement with the other Party on such restrictive terms as those set out therein and (b) who, in accordance with their obligations, require access to the other Party in connection with the rights of the other Parties under this Agreement. For an explanation of this agreement, please see the Surview of Consulting Agreements File. 1.4 Behavioural Standard. When providing consulting services under this agreement, the consultant must meet high professional standards of work and business ethics. The advisor may not use the company`s time, materials or equipment without the company`s prior written consent. Under no circumstances may the Advisor take any action or accept assistance or participate in activities that would lead a university, governmental authority, research institute or any other person, organization or organization to acquire rights of any kind over the results of the work performed by or for the company. All designs, models, drawings, formulas, methods, documents and physical objects made by the Consultant in connection with the services provided to the Company under this Agreement belong exclusively to the Company and are considered to be rental work (the “Supplies”). To the extent that one of the deliverables is not, by law, works made for rental purposes, the consultant thus transfers to the company ownership of copyright or hidden works on the deliverables, and the company has the right to obtain and retain trademark work on its behalf, copyright or masking. and any other similar records and protections that may be available in delivery items….

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