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Aircraft Ferry Agreement

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5.07 BAGAGES. Under the Montreal Convention, CARRIER`s liability for loss, damage or baggage delay is limited to 1,131 special drawing rights per passenger, unless there are losses, damages or delays for disabled passenger auxiliary facilities to which the limit does not apply. The carrier must be informed of all baggage requests immediately after the claim is discovered (see also article 5.09 below). CARRIER assumes responsibility only for baggage that a CARRIER representative actually receives from the passenger at check-in at the airport. Baggage is carried within the aircraft`s space and weight limits. With the exception of assistance for passengers with disabilities, all baggage that cannot be transported by chartered aircraft is transported by charterer and at CHARTERER`s expense. For more information on the current value of a special drawing right, see 2.02 CHARTER AUTHORIZATION REQUIREMENTS. Each party is responsible for its own compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. CHARTERER ensures that the existing laws and regulations allow it to conclude this agreement and act as the aircraft`s CHARTERer.

Each participant is responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents (passport, visa, tourist card, vaccination certificate and other documents, if necessary) and the laws of each country through, through or to which he transports. Our ferry crew pilots are purchased by a large number of international companies, are currently, have extensive experience in their type of aircraft and a valid aptitude, license and medicine exam. FCI has an extensive database of qualified, professional and reliable FAA/EASA/ICAO pilots for all types of aircraft with long experience in ferry and aircraft transport services. 4.05 NON-AUTHORIZATION OF HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES. Under no circumstances does the carrier accept transport in hold baggage or carried by hand or as cargo, nor can a passenger carry the aircraft into the boat, an object constituting or containing a hazardous material. To this end, “hazardous materials” (also known as HAZMAT, Dangerous Goods and DG) are defined as any item or substance whose air travel is prohibited, restricted or unaffected by a DOT rule or regulation, including the pipeline and the Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), the FAA or the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). We tailor our services to each customer`s requirements and can help you with a single ferry flight or provide you with an operating service in service for your aircraft. If you sign a ferry contract with the Vilnius Aviation Academy, our staff will be mobilized to meet your needs. With a team of professional distributors, flight planners and subscribers, we manage more than 40,000 hours of ferry flights each year. From the first contact with us, your needs are professionally managed by the superior operational expertise we know and have respected; Manage the project from planning to the safe arrival of the aircraft at its destination. 5.10 FORCE MAJEURE.

Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement and subject to compliance with existing laws, regulations and contracts, the provision of transport under this Agreement is subject to the following provisions: Act of God; Quarantine restrictions; Fire fog; Flooding Weather The closure of the airport damage or destruction of flight equipment that is not caused by a carrier or by its personnel or agent; Fuel downtime trouble or disorder war or the dangers or dangers that invade a state of war; or any other action, material or material that is beyond CARRIER`s control and that prevents, delays or interrupts the establishment, operation or execution of such transport (individually and collectively called “force majeure”).

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